Exceed customers expectations and grow employees loyalty

Respond to all requests and issues according to SLA to ensure the best practice and service for customers and employees.

Service and support workflows without delays and failures

Omni-Channel Communications

Add any communication channel to receive requests, add a dialog intelligence bot to facilitate the first line support

Best Practices

Standardize processes, automate manual tasks and optimize your service and support processes to exceed your customers' and employees' expectations

Intelligence Workflows

Immediately qualify requests an issues, add the responsible staff, set tasks, send alerts and notifications, reply to messages using the predefined rules and triggers

Easy Integration

Integrate your current business applications (ERP, CRM, etc.) and other data sources to create a complete view of the service process and customers’ needs across the company

Dashboards and Reports

Rapid development and online delivery of interactive dashboards and aggregated reports to improve KPIs

Try Flexbby Workflows

Our professionals will analyze your workflows and provide the digital transformation advice

Run support conversation flows and keep your customers satisfied.

Build dialog flows in minutes and run support conversation for your website, messengers or social networks.

Equip your support team with intelligence workflows and Kanban boards

Manage your issues, tickets and requests with Kanban boards. Create rules and notifications for each step of your support workflow and automatically control KPIs and time limits

Use data from different systems and data sources

Integrate with your favorite tools and solutions to obtain your data in one place. Empower your workflows with Event-Driven Architecture and Robotics Process Automation tool

Customers and Partners

Every day Flexbby performs the implementation of new and supporting existing projects. Our customers are large worldwide well-known companies from various industries.
The total number of business users exceeds 25 thousand. Our customers are satisfied with the flexibility and scalability of Flexbby Workflow solution. We ensure high system performance for all operations inside the workflows through their full automation without limiting the number of events and transactions.

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