Flexbby Company

We have launched our solution as a high performance and scalable business application platform for workflows automation. The applications like СRM, Contracts, Motivation and Service management have been implemented by our team during a couple of years.

Experience in development and support of any scale business software helped us to figure out the general demands for the new generation solutions based on event-driven and software robots.

In 2015 we have released the robotic solution Flexbby One, developed using the next-gen approaches like as RPA (Robotics Process Automation) and EDA (Event-Driven Architecture). Since then our bots are working out in projects eliminating routine and optimizing the duty of any employee.

Flexbby history


platform core development, the first deployment of the solution for enterprises like Bayer, Volvo, Nokia Networks.


further platform development; projects for Bayer, Zambon Pharma, Jonson&Jonson, Adidas; event-driven architecture and robotic core development.


event-driven architecture release; several projects for banks, retail; Microsoft partner; published at Azure MarketPlace.

Customers and Partners

Every day Flexbby performs the implementation of new and supporting existing projects. Our customers are large worldwide well-known companies from various industries.
The total number of business users exceeds 25 thousand. Our customers are satisfied with the flexibility and scalability of Flexbby One solution. We ensure high system performance for all operations inside the workflows through their full automation without limiting the number of events and transactions.

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