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Flexbby One cutting edge event-driven solutions

We created Flexbby One, the unique modular technology for automation of the business processes of medium-sized and large companies from various sectors of the economy.

We made Flexbby One so handy that you can automate all of your processes or only a few of them by purchasing one or several modules, including Electronic Archive, Document Workflow, CRM, Procurement, and Requests Tracking.

We will set up all the required functionality, connect an unlimited number of users and provide integration with any of your existing software. Learn more about our system and its functionality by requesting access to Flexbby One demo version.

CRM and Sales

Customer Relationship Management and Sales Automation

Direct mailing to lists of employees, customers, suppliers and partners

Automation and management of sales pipelined and processes

Automated leads management (import, qualification, tasks assigning)

Automatic start of business processes based on predefined events of the internal and external systems

Transparency of all interactions of managers with customers, suppliers and partners

Contracts Workflow Management

Automation of approval of counterparties, contracts and documents

Automatic start of business processes using barcode/QR-code

Tracking validity of the documents in the system and notification on required actions (prolongation, payment etc.)

Creation of multilateral agreements with counterparties

Archive Workflow Management

Automated storage of electronic versions of any documents

Document protection using barcodes/QR-codes

Document search and categorization by barcodes/QR-codes

Encoding business processes with barcodes/QR-codes to enable their automatic start in the system

Batch document scanning using barcodes/QR-codes

Procurement Workflow Management

Automation of procurement and tender processes

Setting up business processes for procurement and tender procedures

Setting up supplier prices monitoring to pick the optimal purchasing price

Setting up a comparative analysis of the suppliers to activate tender procedures

Automated creation/changing of payment schedules and control of payments in accordance to the budget limits of cost centers and other rules

Setting up counterparty approval

Request & Issues Workflow

Automation of internal requests and external customer requests processing

A single database of the company employees and departments

Setting up processing (approval and execution) of any internal and external (customers, partners, suppliers) requests