Manage mission-critical scans, hard-copies or documents storage requirements

All documents across the companies are stored in a single place. Barcode and QR-code recognition feature helps easy to add or find hard copies or document scans in the archive.

Easy, secure and centralized access to all corporate documents

Reduce Manual Document-entry

Import and classify files, route documents accurately and securely automatically with no human errors and misprint risks

Hard Copies Archive

Reclaim storage rooms and create offices for staff by digitizing all paper documents provided on-line access

Intelligence Workflows

Standardize archive workflow to eliminate the documents’ processing bottlenecks and maximize security and confidence

Single Corporate Archive

Integrate your current data storage, scans, files to get a single archive place of any type of documents across the company

Access and Security

Protect all documents with the intelligence access rules based on field-level security and process member rights. Control the presence of hard copies in real-time

Customers and Partners

Every day Flexbby performs the implementation of new and supporting existing projects. Our customers are large worldwide well-known companies from various industries.
The total number of business users exceeds 25 thousand. Our customers are satisfied with the flexibility and scalability of Flexbby One solution. We ensure high system performance for all operations inside the workflows through their full automation without limiting the number of events and transactions.

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