CRM and Sales

Flexbby One - CRM helps you manage sales and relationship with current and prospect customers efficiently.

With our system, you can implement the most efficient marketing, carry out advertising campaigns and reach planned sales volumes at minimum cost. You can improve your service and offer customers what they really need. Your partners and suppliers will enjoy working with you.

How does Flexbby CRM work?

With our CRM system, you can track operations of your sales managers and make online adjustments to their activities to fulfill the plan. You can easily manage all incoming leads and requests, as our CRM system automatically categorizes them and defines an action plan for each.

Now you may have all the information about your customers, suppliers, partners, and sales at your fingertips. And your product catalogs and price lists are always within reach.

Our system maintains daily records of KPIs and displays them in your preferred format: charts, tables or diagrams. When it is required, we can automate sending any documents, reports, and messages to from the system using chatbot tools (to e-mail, Telegram, WhatsApp etc.)

Why do you need Flexbby One CRM?

The system can automatically start business processes based on the predefined events of internal and external systems

We will set up automatic leads management for you: import, qualification, and task assigning

You will manage sales pipelines and processes exactly as you need it

You will be able to send direct messages to lists of employees, customers, suppliers, partners using various communication channels at any convenient time

You will be able to segment customers, create their portraits and understand their needs for effective sales

You will see the relations between customers, partners and suppliers

You will be able to monitor the work of sales managers and the outcomes of your operations, the system will show all your employees' activities and analytical data in any format and for any period of time