Qualified more leads, win more opportunities with intelligence sales workflow

Salespeople don't forget about the next call and task, customers receive goods, invoices, and service in time, charts and dashboards to give a clear real-time understanding of the lead-to-cash workflow.

Create and drive your own and effective sales workflow

Customer Loyalty and Experience

Setup the automatic lead qualification process and generate custom proposals to fit customers' individual needs

Revenue Growth

Standardize processes, automate manual tasks and optimize your lead-to-cash workflow and generate more revenue

Intelligence Workflows

Immediately set tasks, send alerts and notifications, reply to the messages, add members to the workflow using the predefined rules and triggers

Easy Integration

Integrate your current ERP, Accounting, CRM, E-commerce and Warehouse systems to create a complete view of every customer across the organization

Dashboards and Reports

Rapid development and online delivery of interactive dashboards and aggregated reports

Customers and Partners

Every day Flexbby performs the implementation of new and supporting existing projects. Our customers are large worldwide well-known companies from various industries.
The total number of business users exceeds 25 thousand. Our customers are satisfied with the flexibility and scalability of Flexbby One solution. We ensure high system performance for all operations inside the workflows through their full automation without limiting the number of events and transactions.

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