Add intelligence to your contract workflow

Streamline your critical contract approval steps providing secure access anytime and anywhere, and delivering business expectations through an intelligent and intuitive workflow

Create your effective contract management workflow

Visibility and Compliance

Approve and execute contracts faster and with confidence using your corporate rules and directives

Revenue Growth

Standardize processes, automate manual tasks and optimize your contract workflow to generate more revenue

Intelligence Workflows

Immediately set tasks, send alerts and notifications, reply to messages, add approvals to the workflow using the predefined rules and triggers

Easy Integration

Integrate your current data sources and document archives to get a single place of contracts for the whole organization

Dashboards and Reports

Rapid development and online delivery of interactive dashboards and aggregated reports

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Execute approval faster and avoid the bottleneck in your workflows

Get complete insights into who approved what and when for compliance and confidence. Ensure the contracts approval and execution on time and in accordance with corporate rules and standards

Use your data from different systems and data sources

Integrate with your favorite tools and solutions to have all your data in a single place

Turn your auto-filling of contracts and documents on

Easily automate creating and filling processes of contracts and documents so you can focus on what really matters

Every day Flexbby implements new and supports the existing projects. Our customers are well-known global companies from various industries. At the moment, the total number of business users exceeds 25 thousand

Our customers enjoy flexibility and scalability of Flexbby Workflow solution. We ensure high system performance for all operations inside workflows through full automation without limiting the number of events and transactions

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