Requests and issuses workflow management

Flexbby One Request Tracking enables the optimization of the workflow with any internal or external requests.

Once an incident is created, the system starts the required business process automatically and involves designated employees to approve and provide a decision. It applies to any requests inside the company, such as recruitment, workplace organization, booking of meeting rooms, etc., and external requests of clients, partners, and suppliers.

How does it work?

With our Request Tracking module all the information on employees, departments, and organizational structure is stored in a single system and is automatically updated due to integration with your other software.

Minimum effort of your employees and compete transparency of execution of all the requests and orders!

Why do you need it?

We will perform importing of all the required data form your existing IT systems for efficient execution of the requests at every stage

We will set up automatic start of request processing and execution procedures for you!

The system will update any data required to the automated business processes

You always will be able to add new procedures or change applied rules for requests and orders execution

We will set up sending any information including replies to the customer request to from the system using chatbot tools to e-mail, Telegram WhatsApp, FTP-server and cloud storages

We will set up tracking of requests execution and employees access rights

Due to the transparency of business procedures, you can easily implement an efficient assessment system for your employees (KPI)