Procurement Workflow Management Automation

With Flexbby One Procurement module you automate interactions with suppliers to purchase everything you need at the most optimal price. Our system is self-sufficient enough to carry out a tender and perform all the purchasing procedures from starting business process to obtaining a desired result at the optimal price and conditions.

How does it work?

Flexbby One Procurement is the perfect fit for you, because it can fully automate operations that you do manually at the moment. We can set up the system, so that it will be able to start tender processes automatically based on the conditions you defined.

You will not need to overpay or control the delivery of goods or contract fulfillment anymore, our system will do it for you.

All you supplier databases and prices, references of internal cost items and budget holders and stored in a single place and updated automatically.

Why do you need Flexbby One Procurement Management?

We will set up automatic start of tender and procurements procedures for you

The system will monitor supplier prices and pick the optimal for the purchase

We will set up the comparative analysis of suppliers to activate the tender procedures

We will set up the comparative analysis of suppliers to activate the tender procedures

All the invoices will be paid automatically in accordance with the budget limits of financial centers of your company or other rules

After we automate the whole process, you will be able to approve suppliers easily, in short time and in compliance with all the required procedures

We will set up the tracking of all the stages of purchasing and tender procedures

We will provide import of cost item references, budget holders and other required information from any existing corporate IT systems and other sources: e-mail, Telegram, WhatsApp, FTP-server and cloud storages