Contracts and Documents Workflow Management

Flexbby One Contracts Workflow manages all thecprocesses of approval of counterparties, contracts, payments and othercdocuments. You will get full control over incoming, outgoing and other documents. The built-in electronic archive enables quick and convenient operations with files that can now be found easily using a barcode or QR-code.

How does Flexbby One Contracts Workflow work?

With Flexbby One Contracts Workflow, all the databases of counterparties, contracts, documents, cost item references, payment budgets and product catalogs are stored in a single place. Our system automates the full cycle of operations with a contract, from creation and payments control, to prolongations and termination.

We will protect documents from being modified when it is required. In addition, our system provides simultaneous editing of the document by several users and saves changes online.

We will set up approval process so that it can be completely automated from the beginning to checking the powers and authority of the approval person.

Why do you need Contracts Workflow?

You will not need to create processes and routes manually every time anymore, because our solution automates them based on predefined conditions and events

You will not need to control the fulfillment of contracts and processes. We can do it for you by setting the system in such a way that all approvals, payments, and prolongations are performed without your participation

You will not need to check if the budget holder has enough resources to pay the invoice – the system can do it for you

We will provide the creation of multilateral contacts with counterparties in automatic mode in accordance to the rules defined by you

We will prevent storing duplicates of the counterparties cards and documents, our system can find the duplicates and perform required actions

It will be convenient for you to work in a system that notifies you of the minimal required actions and shows other users’ comments

Our program will close all financial operations automatically and send documents both to your programs and to external addresses, such as e-mail, Telegram, WhatsApp, FTP-server and cloud storage