Archive Workflow Management

Flexbby One - Electronic Archive stores all the company documents in a single place. We provide set up, so that you will need minimum efforts to get the maximum from the system capabilities.

Electronic Archive enables automatic search and processing of documents. Our major advantage is Intelligent Control, which lies at the heart of our modules!

How does Flexbby Electronic Archive work?

With our solution, all the versions are well-organized and accessible, and can be found easily using barcodes. Barcodes and QR codes are printed on the original documents and are recognized by hand-held scanners. After that, our system moves them to the corresponding part of the Electronic Archive document library.

Next time when you are looking for the document, you just scan the barcode or QR-code and the system pops the card of the document. Moreover, the system sends the document to designated employees for review after you scanned the barcode. Our system can start any business process automatically, thus saving the time of your employees.

Why do you need Electronic Archive?

You will not need to search documents manually by filling filters anymore, because the system will do it for you using a scanned barcode or QR-code

You will not need to start processes manually every time, because our solution can do it automatically

You will not need to worry that the growing number of documents may exceed the storage capacity, because we provide unlimited storage space

You will not need to maintain document library manually, because the system categorizes them automatically after barcode scanning

We will provide access to electronic versions of the documents from other systems via API

We will simplify your work by enabling batch document scanning using barcodes or QR-codes

You will be able to load documents to our system from any convenient source: e-mail, Telegram, WhatsApp, FTP-server or cloud storage