Flexbby Company

Flexbby was founded in 2008 to create the unique high tech Flexbby One Solution targeted to the globals markets.
Because Flexbby One is a ready product, its tailoring to the customer requirements takes little time (from 15 days) and minimal investments.
The simplicity of implementation and use enables the quickstart of Flexbby One (from 1 hour) at medium-sized and large enterprises of any industry.

Flexbby technology provides unlimited capabilities due to its multi-functionality and integration with any software of the customer. That is the exact reason why the solution is implemented in production operations of such big clients as Adidas, Volvo, Bayer and is distributed through well-known IT companies and our partners, Microsoft and Softline. The demand for Flexbby One modules is increasing both among new customers from various sectors of the economy and among the existing customers.

Flexbby history


Started the development
of high performance
platform for business applications


The product entered
the business applications market


The first big implementations of Flexbby One
for Bayer, Volvo, Adidas


Became the resident
of SKOLKOVO innovation center


The Event-bot development was started.
Microsoft Partner


The beginning of sales
Flexbby One Solution
with the Event-bot


Softline partner

Flexbby Customers

Every day Flexbby performs implementation of new and maintenance of existing projects. Our customers are large well-known companies from various industries. They use both separate modules of the system and Flexbby One comprehensive solution.

Total number of users exceeds 25 thousand. Our customers are satisfied with the functionality and convenience of Flexbby One solution. We ensure high system performance for all operations and tasks within business processes through their full automation and without limiting the number of users.


CRM, Contracts Workflow, Requests Tracking


CRM, Requests Tracking


Contracts Workflow, Archive Workflow, Invoice Workflow


Contracts Workflow, Requests Tracking


Contratcs Workflow

Bank Round

Contracts Workflow, Procurement Workflow

SLO Russia

all modules Flexbby One



Skolkovo Resident

Research is carried out by Flexbby Solutions with grant support from the Skolkovo Foundation.